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About Us

After moving to Stockholm, our skincare-obsessed co-founders Anna and Sarah realized that some of their favorite brands were not easily available through European sellers. And just like that, the idea for maple + björk was born.

From that first idea, maple + björk grew to include international brands that are difficult to find in Europe, as well as locally available brands that we love so much that we couldn’t resist adding them to the lineup! At m + b, our goal is to take the guesswork out of finding an effective skincare routine that works for you - regardless of whether you are a skincare junkie or newbie. 



All the products available through maple + björk have been carefully selected before they arrive on our (virtual) shelves. Basically - we do the homework about our products so you don’t have to! 

All of the products we select have been handpicked to ensure that they contain only scientifically-backed, skin-safe ingredients. Nothing we sell contains ingredients that are proven (or even suspected!) to be harmful to your skin. We also focus on working with brands who are socially aware, environmentally conscious, and align with our mandate to focus on high quality, proven ingredients.


Curious about who we are?

Anna was born and raised in Iceland but fell in love with Stockholm a few years ago and has lived there for three years. She studied biology at university and loves all things science. In her spare time enjoys spending time outdoors and has recently become obsessed with skiing.

With regards to skincare, Anna keeps her routine simple and focuses on using products that contain research-backed ingredients. Her favorites include vitamin C and retinol, and she (almost) never leaves the house without sunscreen.

Sarah grew up in Canada with a passion for travel and has since lived in Scotland, New Zealand, Denmark, and now Stockholm, Sweden - with lots of amazing trips in between! Like Anna, she has a scientific background, which means that she is passionate about having research-backed ingredients in everything that we sell at m + b.  

When it comes to skincare, Sarah likes to keep things nice and simple, sticking to a basic routine and switching in and out products when she wants to try something new.  

Is there a brand you’re dying for us to carry? Want to discuss your favorite ingredients, or ask a question about your skincare routine? Get in touch!